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Our goal is to provide our customers with the most convenient, secure and unique team lottery purchasing experience.

It’s not just what we do, it’s who we are. From past to present, we are a success story. With an enthusiasm to serve, our commitment to providing fun and fair games is matched by our desire to make a positive difference in the community.

  • Play FourWords Across the Globe
  • Absolutely No hidden fees or rules
  • A Simple and Secure Service
  • Winning Made Easy

Why Choose Us?

FourWords makes playing a global, bitcoin based lottery alone or as a team easy and fun.


Large potential lottery jackpots

One of the core advantages of playing FourWords online lotto is that its reach is worldwide. The jackpot potential goes up with every new user that plays.


No commission on Winnings

With FourWords you can verify the BTC amount in each lottery by looking up the provided BTC address. You can verify exactly how much BTC is in the pool for each and every Lottery


Safe and Secure

FourWords is built and designed after the proven success of Bitcoin's incredible security history. Using BTC as the vehicle for our Lottery ensures that FourWords is safe, secure and transparent.


Instant payout

Once your winnings are confirmed they are Instantly deposited to your account available for your use!


Play as a team

FourWords is revolutionizing the Lottery space by allowing you to win when anyone in your team wins!


Share and beat the odds

Grow your team to increase your chance of winning! Not only do you share in the winnings but you get free tickets from purchases of tickets by your team!

What they think about us


# Reviews

I've never known a lottery winner and now it is a normal thing to know winners. Someone in my group wins every week!

Albert G.

Brazil10th Sept, 2019

We don't see these types of lotteries here and I love playing. I usually pick a few hundred different combinations every week and love being paid instantly.

Juan S.

Mexico12th Aug, 2019

I wish I knew about this game years ago.

Sakura T.

Japan10th August, 2019

When I first played the game, I just tried it out for a friend. Now I love the game and can hardly wait until they announce the winners.